Product of the Week – Wacom Bamboo Tablets

As anyone who’s spent more than a couple hours in Photoshop can tell ya, sometimes a mouse and keyboard just don’t cut it.  Wacom has been making pen & touch input devices well before the days of the tablet PCs, such as iPad and Galaxy Tab.  While these tablets sure are great, they don’t offer the level of precision one needs when getting down and dirty in a photo editing system.

One of my earliest experiences with Wacom was with a 13″ Cintiq display, which allowed me to pick up a stylus and draw right on the screen.  The experience was unbelievably fluid!  Not only was the tablet incredibly accurate, it could also detect how much pressure I was drawing with and at what angle I held my virtual paintbrush.

This Cintiq experience was phenomenal, but it was also over a thousand bucks!  In today’s video, I’m showcasing the Bamboo series of products, which offers similar performance to the Cintiq, without a built-in screen and at a tenth of the price.  Stop in today to check out our demo model!

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