Improve Business Transactions With Wireless Networking and Virtualization

CCCP Also Offers VoIP Sales to Enhance Business Communications

Convenience and increased productivity due to the ease of mobility are just two of the many perks of wireless networking over its wired counterpart. The professionals at Camera Corner Connecting Point can help your business benefit from all of them.

vmware cloud virtualization“Having a strong wireless network is critical in today’s work environment. More and more people, both customers and employees, are coming to your workplace with mobile devices and are expecting to connect to the Internet and/or your computer network quickly, seamlessly, and without interruptions or being charged data fees,” says Rick Chernick, Camera Corner Connecting Point CEO. “Wireless networking allows your employees to be more productive from virtually anywhere, and it is easy to set up and maintain compared to traditional wired networks. Plus, the ease of scalability is very attractive as your business grows and your customer base expands.“

If you are wondering about virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions, turn to CCCP as a trusted resource. CCCP uses VMware, the industry-leading virtualization software company that helps companies streamline their IT operations.

By virtualizing infrastructure – from the data center to desktops and mobile devices – VMware enables IT to deliver services from any device, anytime, anywhere. With virtualization, as a business owner you are able to run applications on fewer physical servers. CCCP can help you choose the appropriate VMware for your company by assessing your physical environment and business goals.

Whether you have servers on site or contract with an outside provider for cloud infrastructure service, your business will become more efficient. “With cloud infrastructure services, you optimize your capacity based on what you need,” Chernick says. “If your database increases in size or you plan a big sale on your e-commerce site on a particular day, with the cloud you can ask your provider for more capacity to handle that spike vs. build up our own infrastructure.”

VOIP salesIn today’s competitive business world, the work rarely ends at 5 p.m. and you want to keep up with that regardless of your location. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can help you conduct business no matter where you are by allowing you to make voice calls via broadband Internet vs. an analog phone line.

“VoIP allows your employees to increase productivity by tapping into features like instant messaging, voicemail on e-mail, and communication manager. You may never have to touch the buttons on your phone again,” Chernick says. “Perhaps as important, however, is that you can significantly reduce your telecommunications costs by making adds, moves and changes yourself instead of waiting for the phone company to get around to them and charging ridiculous fees. A solid, unified communications strategy using a pure VoIP solution helps ensure your employees are working at peak efficiency.”

For more information about wireless networking, virtualization or VoIP sales, contact CCCP at 920-438-0337 or visit them on the web at

Virtual Reality: How to easily establish consistent communications with anyone, anywhere

When the London Business School hosted its annual Global Leadership Summit in June 2014, the school surveyed attendees about a variety of modern business issues and challenges. While the results of that survey covered a variety of topics, one of the really interesting findings was that respondents believed that half of their employees would be working remotely by 2020.

Think about that for a second. In just six years, 50% of your organization may be working from somewhere other than your business’ corporate or regional office. That figure may sound like a stretch, but a recent New York Times article revealed that telecommuting grew by 79% between 2005 and 2012 — and that number is expected to rise even more over the next decade.

London Business School

So, what does this mean for the future of business?

For starters, it means that organizations must find ways to empower their employees to work effectively and efficiently from any location. Thankfully, cloud-based technology is making that a reality — allowing employees to access virtually any file, application, network, or communication service from any place with a secure Internet connection.

The challenges of modern communication with traditional equipment

Modern phone systems are critical to making sure remote communication operates functionally and effectively – be it an employee working from home and feeling connected to headquarters, or communication across multiple office locations. Imagine for a moment that you operate a healthcare system with teams of physicians who operate out of multiple offices and hospitals. In order to effectively manage patient care and billing, those physicians and their staff must be able to easily communicate with each other (and their “main” office), regardless of where they are or what equipment (land-line, cell phone, etc.) they’re using.

With traditional on-site phone systems, creating that kind of network connectivity and flexibility would be incredibly challenging. And even if you managed to make it work, it’s very likely that you would still deal with a handful of other issues.

  • Quality of service: While it might seem like on-premise phone systems would be more reliable, the issue is with the quality of the equipment and network across all remote offices. If the “pipe” from one remote office to the corporate headquarters isn’t big enough, it can lead to significant call and system quality issues.
  • Cost of service: Over the life of your phone system, on-site solutions cost just as much (if not more, when you factor in long-term maintenance costs) as cloud-based managed phone solutions. As a result, you often end up paying the same amount to set up a less flexible, less feature-rich network. Meanwhile, your competitor will be paying less to flip a switch and tap into a VoIP solution with much greater functionality and system integration.
  • Scalability and flexibility of service: Every time you open or expand an office, on-site phone systems require significant investments in additional hardware and installation services. And if staffing levels change, traditional phone systems often aren’t flexible enough to adapt on the fly.

Traditional communication systems deliver fewer features and less flexibility, but can cost you more when you factor in the equipment needed for each remote office, and the support costs of setting up and managing each of those private networks.

Regardless of the vertical your business operates in, that math doesn’t make much sense.


Cleaning up the way modern businesses communicate

From a data and communications infrastructure perspective, there’s little doubt that cloud-based phone systems can improve the speed and capability of your company’s remote offices. There is much less effort required, and, ultimately, much greater functionality available to your staff.

And while all of that will no doubt lead to greater organizational efficiency and effectiveness (not to mention fewer technical headaches), it’s important not to forget that 50% of your workforce could be remote in six years. To prepare for that possibility, your company’s systems, processes, and applications must be incredibly scalable, flexible, and reliable.
If those aren’t words you’d use to describe your existing phone and communications systems, then it might be time to consider making a change.

How One Business Survived a Potential Data Disaster

Data disasters don’t always appear as a fire or a flood. The reality is that a greater risk is presented by IT failures, power or UPS outages, the ever-present threat of cybercrime and incurable human error. The following is a true story involving a hardware failure.

On a brisk winter day, travelers bustled in and out of a busy resort, preparing for their New Year’s celebrations. Excited to begin the New Year in a scenic location, many people checked into rooms, or called to confirm their reservations for the upcoming days.

Amidst the hustle of their patrons, the resort began having issues with their server. The situation was every resort’s nightmare. Full of people and booked to capacity for the approaching holiday, reservations and emails became inaccessible. At the suggestion of one our technicians, the resort rebooted their server. Rather than refreshing itself, the system never came back on. The root of the problem was a piece of hardware that had been damaged and would need to be replaced. The hardware manufacturer was contacted immediately, but could not deliver the part until the following Monday…not in time for the holiday.

Without Datto, the resort’s reservation and check-in/check-out processes would have been non-functional over the New Year’s weekend. Critical information would be inaccessible and customers arriving at the resort, ready to enjoy their celebrations, would be met with chaos.

Luckily, the resort had a Datto Business Continuity System in place. Thanks to datto, the resort was able to continue operations through the Datto system. Reservations, bookings, and emails had all been automatically backed up in the system, and were accessible to the resort for the busy holiday weekend. The Datto system allowed them to utilize data that would have otherwise been lost, and continue to take on new reservations, bookings, and emails.

While guests rang in the New Year, enjoying themselves with Champagne and whistles, the resort continued to operate seamlessly with the help of Datto services. When the new hardware arrived the following Monday, the resort was able to upload data from the Datto service onto their repaired server and proceed with business as usual.

Join us for dinner and to learn how Datto and Camera Corner Connecting Point can help protect your data, on August 19.  Details and registration here:

CCCP: Apple Computers Are Reliable, High Quality Products

Exceptional product design, intuitive programs and unparalleled loyalty from its customers are all hallmarks of the Apple brand. As one of the most successful companies in the world today, Apple has come a long way from when it was founded in 1976 by two friends whose goal was to develop and sell personal computers.

Apple computers“Apple computers are legendary and we have carried them for years because of their reliability and quality,” says Rick Chernick, Camera Corner Connecting Point CEO. “Visit our showroom to see some of what they offer and you’ll quickly see why Apple is such a success.”

CCCP offers a number of Apple computers including MacBook, iMac and MacBook Air. At just 13.1 mm thin, and weighing in at just 2 pounds, the latest version of the MacBook is the lightest and most compact notebook in the lineup to date, yet still features a full-size keyboard. “The retina display on this device is amazing for how thin it is,” Jeff Piontek, Apple Sales Manager at CCCP says. “Customers enjoy seeing visuals with rich detail and this delivers.” Equipped with the latest wireless technologies, the MacBook also features Bluetooth audio, all-day (9 hours) battery life, wireless printing capability and much more.

The MacBook Air, available in 11- and 13-inch models, provide 9 and 12 hours of battery life respectively before needing to be charged. New Macs come with Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps for the ultimate in creativity and productivity.

Functionality and aesthetics merge with the 21.5-inch iMac desktop computer. The large screen allows for incredible detail to be displayed, powered by a quad-core Intel Core processor for optimum performance.

The professionals at Camera Corner Connecting Point want to ensure its customers understand how their products work. “We provide service, training and technical support on the computers we sell whether it is an Apple, Windows or Android-based product,” Chernick says.

Certified Verizon Wireless Dealer in Green Bay

verizon wireless dealerCCCP is also proud to partner with Verizon as a Verizon Wireless Dealer. Verizon is the largest and most reliable cell phone company in the United States with its 100 percent 4G LTE network, the gold standard of wireless technology. Available in 470 cities, it covers nearly 80 percent of the U.S. population.

“Regardless of who your wireless carrier is today, we are confident we can find ways to save you money or provide you with a better plan,” Chernick says. “If you are a Verizon customer already and eligible for an upgrade, come in and experience all the newest smart phones, tablets and accessories we have to offer. We’ll show you the right products for you and how it works.” In addition to family plans, Verizon also offers small business and nationwide business plans. The Share Everything Plan Small Business is great for business customers who want 1-100 lines, up to 200 GBs of shareable data and account simplicity.

The Nationwide for Business Share Plans are great for business customers seeking 26+ lines, shareable data and account customization seeking more than 50 GB of data with no line maximum. Line level data features that can be added to Nationwide for Business Talk and Nationwide for Business Talk & Text are being enhanced to share data across eligible lines on the account, include Mobile Hotspot (MHS) and Mobile Broadband Connect at no additional charge and include corporate email via Exchange ActiveSync also at no additional charge.

For more information about Apple computers, Verizon Wireless products or CCCP’s network and network monitoring solutions, contact CCCP at 920-435-5353 or visit them on the web at

Remote Control: How your phone system may be stifling remote employee productivity

Imagine for a moment that you’re a sales manager at a growing company and you’ve just been tasked with building a remote team of 40 sales reps. Your company’s headquarters is in Boston, but these reps will primarily work out of their home offices and much of their time will be spent on the phone — either initiating conversations with prospective clients or engaging existing customers.

While most of your sales reps have personal smartphones they can use on the go, you know that business calls are better conducted on a private line that provides more reliable call quality. Your sales reps will appear more professional, while the features of a business phone system also allows them to be more productive.

But here’s the issue: How exactly are you going to set up each of those sales reps with their own phone lines and all the tools they need to be as productive as possible?

The challenges with remote workers and on-premise phone systems

With traditional onsite phone systems, business owners or in-house IT experts would need to take several laborious steps to get remote workers’ phones connected to the company’s internal network.

First, they’d have to purchase an expensive phone for each employee — typically through their TelCo provider. Next, they’d need to do some circuit work to ensure that the company’s on-premise system could manage the additional call load. And lastly, they’d have to perform regular monitoring and maintenance of the onsite equipment to ensure its ongoing reliability.

Then there’s the issue of system features and functionality.

Generally, the benefits of legacy onsite phone systems are limited to reliability, caller identification, and voicemail functionality. Modern VoIP systems, however, allow employees (including remote workers) to easily link their phone to CRM and ERP applications, leverage click-to-dial technology, and unleash powerful call analytics.

If your business can’t provide those tools to remote employees, then it’s likely limiting your remote staff’s efficiency and productivity.ManOnPhoneAtDesk
Is a cloud-based phone system the answer?

The emergence of cloud-based VoIP technology has largely rendered each of the challenges and obstacles listed above moot. With a cloud-based phone system, getting a remote employee up and running with a phone system is as simple as purchasing a phone, connecting it to the Internet, and downloading some software.

There’s no added setup, maintenance, management costs, or headaches, and your remote employees can immediately tap into the same functionality that in-house employees have access to. Even better, cloud-based phone service providers ensure the system is constantly upgraded and protected, which improves uptime, call reliability, and customer experience.

In a word, a cloud-based phone system just makes things easier.

If your business has a legacy onsite phone system that’s failing to deliver that kind of connectivity to your remote staff, or if you just think there’s a more effective way to sync remote workers to your company’s network, then you may want to consider moving to the cloud. Your remote employees — and their customers — will thank you for it.

CCCP’s Networking and Network Monitoring Solutions Invaluable

Company’s NetAssist Department Can Detect and Fix Vulnerable Areas

A secure and reliable network is necessary for any business today regardless of which sector you are in. For more than 30 years, Camera Corner Connecting Point has been helping businesses, as well as the education, government, healthcare and faith communities, with their networking and network monitoring needs.

hp network monitoringCCCP’s NetAssist is designed to help businesses of all sizes run reliable, efficient data networks without the resources and capital investment it takes to hire a full IT staff.

“Companies that understand the difference an effective computer network can have on the growth and health of their company have a huge advantage over companies that do not,” says Ryan Chernick, Vice President of Managed Services. “Those companies can focus on what they do best, while we watch over their networks.”

NetAssist services include analyzing and detecting areas of vulnerability in networking and providing recommendations for reducing those vulnerabilities. Services include spam filtering, application hosting, hosted virtual servers, managed services/hardware as a service, cloud anti-virus, network assessments and data backup solutions.

If you have persistent networking problems or just need minimum assistance, CCCP’s experienced IT staff can help you cut costs and increase performance. Typically, after completing a network assessment, CCCP’s managed services program can help you lower the cost of managing your servers and desktops by an average of 30 percent. As an authorized HP Advanced Networking Specialist, CCCP can also find HP Networking solutions that are designed to simplify networks, flexibly deliver services and save money.

For more information about networking, network monitoring, HP computers and HP services for your business, contact CCCP at 920-438-0337 or visit them on the web at

Looking For HP Computers, Servers, Storage or Networking Products?

CCCP is Proud to Offer HP Enterprises and SMB Solutions for Business

HP serverIf you are in the market for a new personal computer, or need to outfit your small or large business with reliable hardware and IT solutions, turn to Camera Corner Connecting Point. As the oldest computer dealer in Northeast Wisconsin, CCCP carries a range of brands, including HP computers.

“We’re very confident in the HP brand, which has been revolutionizing the industry since its inception,” says Rick Chernick, Camera Corner Connecting Point CEO. “Our goal is not to just sell you a PC. We provide service, training and technical support on the computers we sell so you get the most out of the technology.”

Camera Corner Connecting Point is also an HP Platinum Reseller of servers, storage, networking and services. We offer enterprise and SMB solutions such as new servers which, through virtualization, can dramatically reduce the footprint of your datacenter and reduce energy consumption. We also offer HP storage products including MSA’s and LeftHand for smaller businesses, as well as 3PAR for larger and enterprise-size corporate customers. HP simplifies, integrates and automates networking so organizations can focus on their core competencies.

HP computersSchedule an appointment with one of our HP Storage and Networking Specialists and receive a $50.00 prepaid Mastercard. Some restrictions apply. See a representative at Camera Corner Connecting Point for complete details.

To learn more about buying HP computers or HP servers, or to explore the IT consulting and IT services Camera Corner Connecting Point provides, call 920-438-0337.

Do You Need IT Consulting or IT Support?

Let Camera Corner Connecting Point’s Experts Help

IT_consulting_CCCPTechnology and computers are great. Until they’re not. When problems arise, or you just have questions about hardware, programs, networks or more, trust the Camera Corner Connecting Point team for your IT consulting and IT support needs. They offer an array of services to help put your mind at ease, and keep your business running smoothly.

“If you’re not sure what you need, but you know you need help, let our IT consulting service experts point you in the right direction,” says Rick Chernick, Camera Corner Connecting Point CEO. “We’ll get to know you, your business needs and IT structure. Then, we’ll help you plan for your future technology needs on your timeline and within your budget.”

From servers to storage to network infrastructure to end point devices such as laptops, work stations, tablet, etc., CCCP can design, integrate and implement the ideal IT environment for your business. When technology breaks down due to viruses, human error, faulty software, and more, the CCCP team can troubleshoot and fix hardware and software problems. Finally, if a IT personnel shortage arises, CCCP can assist with your outsourcing needs.

Camera Corner Connecting Point invests resources in technical training and certifications to provide customers with the best-trained engineers and technicians in the area. Our IT support staff of over 40 full-time professionals is devoted to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

For additional information about Camera Corner Connecting Point‘s IT consulting and IT support services, call 920-438-0337.

“When making decisions regarding technology implementations, it isn’t often that we get the opportunity to work with a true partner. We appreciate that Camera Corner / Connecting Point set the bar high…and then exceed expectations! What really sets you apart is the genuine concern and response to our questions by your staff. Thank you for your outstanding service and support!” – Neenah Joint School District

Disaster Recovery and Backup Services — Essential For Your Business

Consider Camera Corner Connecting Point Your Solution

Have you ever stopped to think what would happen to your data if disaster were to strike? Whether it’s a natural disaster, hardware failure, hacker or human error, do you have a plan in place if you were to lose all that information?

“Every business, regardless of size, should have a disaster recovery plan in place,” says Rick Chernick, Camera Corner Connecting Point CEO. “Losing data impacts your bottom line. How long would it take to get back up and running? How much would it cost to have your customers lose faith in you? The ramifications are staggering.”

Disaster recovery and backup services are like insurance for you and your customers’ businesses. Camera Corner Connecting Point can be your solution to help protect you with products from Datto, a world leader in disaster recovery and backup solutions for enterprise, and Carbonite, which offers products for small businesses and individuals.

Datto backup services backs up your data on-site and sends it safely to both coasts to ensure data isn’t lost if a physical disaster struck. Tami, from Riebe Insurance in Hobart, Wisconsin, attests to the value of this. She said, “Thank you very much for your time and patience in retrieving the data from the Datto device that was lost. I appreciate so much the care in addressing our business’s needs. I was able to retrieve all 400 contacts that were lost. Thank you for recommending the Datto device. It saved many hours of staff time in retrieving the lost data.”

Carbonite automatically backs up data in the cloud. Backup services are one piece of the disaster recovery. Ensuring the data is protected insures your ability to recover.

Camera Corner’s NetAssist team members are experts in backup services and disaster recovery. On- and off-site redundancy means your data is safe. If you have questions about the best way to handle data storage, our cloud solution staff can ensure your information and business runs without interruption.

For additional information about Camera Corner Connecting Point’s disaster recovery and backup services, call 920-438-0337.